Burning Fuel, will be released with an animated music video with a message that criticizes corruption.

The Scene is the name of the first LP, the release date will be announced soon.

• The video is available on the Silent Lune channel of the Youtube and Vevo platforms starting on May 29; and will be available in streaming services on June 13 of this year. 

MAY 28th, 2018, MEXICO CITY. After almost four years of silence, Silent Lune returns to present the first single from their new album: Burning Fuel. The band returns to the studio to produce The Scene, title of the most recent production with upcoming release date. Burning Fuel has a powerful sound of metallic guitars and the melody of a distorted voice accompanied by drums that give the piece a feeling of listening to a dark but energetic indie rock song. The song is presented with an animated music video that deals with the boredom of everyday life, the injustices that surrounds it, the longing to escape and the feeling of starting over. 

Burning Fuel: the video that unites music and anime to criticize corruption.

The video is the work of Alex Torres Andrade, originally from Michoacán, who made a graphic proposal in anime style and inspired by a retrofuturist cyberpunk aesthetic that criticizes the authoritarian system prevailing in the country for the past eighty years.

In this visual proposal there is an abundance of saturated colors, high contrasts, neon lights and spectacular sequences of heroes confronting villains with motorcycles in urban settings, similar in the style of animes of the eighties and nineties, which winks the works like Akira's Katsuhiro Otomo or Satoshi Kon. The video captures the members of the band as anti-heroes who challenge characters who wear costumes, board luxurious cars and carry suitcases full of money in an attitude of cynicism, in a reference to corruption and the feeling of satiety, like a reflection of the sensation of citizenship and the daily reality of the filmmakers of this video and the song.

"I wanted the video to be animated because I wanted a story, where we were anti-heroes," explains Roger, leader and founder of Silent Lune.

"The video deals with those issues… I work every day, and I see how people kill each other day in and day out to earn a decent income. We all leave in the morning and we return together to our homes at night. The next day the same, we all work really hard and it’s not enough. You have everything that is happening in the country all the corruption, injustice… the "gasolinazo", the marches, Trump, etcetera. That made a lot of uproar for me. The world is changing and my world and everyone around me too, "he says.

"And then, on the other hand, there are the superheroes, the cartoons, the anime, that other world that is a detachment of our imagination. The latter, like music, is about touching a nerve, to inspire something. Like children with heroes, who want to have powers to change the world, music sows a seed, an idea to inspire a change. That's the idea: ​​changing ourselves from mere mortals to something more," he explains.